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Your Perfect Shopping Capsule

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25+ timeless clothing items, essential bags, and shoes, handpicked for style and versatility.


just click the link to buy clothing for smart casual and business casual outfits 


choose items to fit your style and budget.


get country-specific links, making your shopping experience seamless.

every piece goes perfectly with others — no more “will it match?” guesswork!

you can create with this capsule. 70+ of the most sophisticated looks are included.

Why you need thi

No more "My wardrobe is full but I have nothing to wear!"

Just pick an outfit or create your variation

Every piece in this capsule complements the others.

Struggling to match your clothing? 

Stop wasting money on short trends and dated items!

This capsule focuses on timeless, contemporary styles that last.

Tired of wearing same outfits again and again?

Get 2 months of different outfits without repetition 

No more trade off between being stylish and being warm!

Overwhelmed by endless shopping options?

Get a curated list with direct links, tailored to your country.

Get versatile pieces that look good and also are perfect for layering in cold days

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Instant Value at


Get a curated guide for your perfect and stylish outwear for this season


Immediate Payoff: 

This guide prevents costly coat mistakes—pick pieces you'll wear often and avoid closet clutter.

of the cost:


Curated choices and looks from a professional stylist at a fraction of the cost!


Why Buy Now?

Limited Availability: This exclusive capsule is only up for grabs for two weeks. Don't miss out!

Timeless Pieces Fly Off the Shelves: The best timeless pieces get snapped up quickly. Secure your ideal wardrobe before they're gone.

Why wait to be warm & stylish? Get your hands on the curated looks now and stand out this season.

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About me
Lena Aspette

About Lena Aspette

Hi! my name is Lena. I'm a personal stylist helping ladies find their style, express themselves via clothing and making their lives a bit easier and fun by solving their styling and wardrobe issues.


After working a personal stylist for years and helping ladies from 6 continents i understood that:


    I want to help many more ladies than possible in 1:1 format

    I want to make personal stylist service affordable!


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About me

How To Purchase


Fill-in the form


Make a secure payment in your currency



You will be presented option to select file for your country

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Click and enjoy the Effortless Autumn capsule!

What's inside the capsule?

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About me

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my purchase and how does the whole process work?

Once you've filled out a brief form and completed your payment, you'll receive a PDF file via email. This PDF is your capsule, featuring a curated selection of items from both mass and mid-market segments. Every item is linked, so clicking on it will directly take you to the brand's website for purchase. In addition, the capsule provides plenty of style inspiration, showcasing how to create different looks using the items within.

Can I receive shopping links tailored to my location?

Absolutely! When making your purchase, you'll have the option to select your country from a dropdown list. The file you’ll receive via email will then have links tailored specifically for your chosen country. Just click on any link, and you'll be redirected to the online store for a seamless shopping experience.

How many pieces are included in the Effortless Autumn capsule?

The Effortless Autumn capsule contains 25+ timeless clothing items, essential bags, and shoes, handpicked for style and versatility.

Do I have the option to shop from both mass and mid-market selections, or is it recommended to stick with one?

You're free to choose from both! The Effortless Autumn capsule includes selections from both mass and mid-market options. And you can mix and match between the two, picking pieces that align with your personal style and budget without being restricted to one market segment! 

How can I create outfits with the capsule?

Every piece in the capsule is designed to work well with the others. We've also included a lookbook with 70+ outfit suggestions. With a bit of creativity, you can mix and match to create even more combinations!

What if I'm not satisfied with the capsule's selection?

We believe in the value and versatility of our capsule, but if you're not satisfied, please reach out to our customer service. We value your feedback and are here to assist.

Can I buy individual items from the capsule or do I have to buy the entire capsule?

The capsule is a curated selection and guide, but you're free to purchase individual items using the provided links. There's no obligation to buy everything.

Can I create outfits using pieces from my own wardrobe with the help of this capsule?

Definitely! The capsule offers a lookbook of 70+ autumn outfit formulas. And if you don’t want to buy any new items, you can use this capsule as a source of ideas of what to wear this autumn - creating looks with what you already have in your wardrobe!

Can I use this capsule to create office looks?

Absolutely! The capsule includes both smart casual and business casual outfits - so you can pick and choose what works better for your office dress code!

How is this different from other fashion guides or capsules online?

Our capsule not only includes timeless pieces but also provides shopping links tailored for your country, making it a personalized experience. Plus, it offers a balance of both mass and middle market options to fit varied budgets. But the main beauty of it - everything works together and you don’t need to guess if the items work with each other!

Does this capsule suit different body types?

The capsule includes only basic items, and I created it in a way that it will work for various body types. However, I also appreciate that all bodies are different, and there is a chance that some items might not work for you. However, the capsule not only includes alternatives for items but also a lot of style inspiration and outfit ideas - even if some items don’t work, you can replace them with similar ones that you have in your wardrobe and you will still have plenty of outfit ideas regardless! 

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